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Register to join our Live Virtual Demo and Q&A

Register to join our Live Virtual Demo and Q&A on March 6, 2023, at 12pm ET.

A 30-minute demo of SecureSheet will be presented by Joe Holland, Co-Founder of SecureSheet Technologies, and Joe Leary, VP of Sales at SecureSheet Technologies. The virtual demonstration will be hosted by WorldatWork and will highlight some important spreadsheet features of our cloud-based application.

After our optimized live demo, we will allot time to answer your personalized questions.

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Improve Your Compensation Review Process with SecureSheet

Learn how to use our spreadsheet for a typical annual compensation review process using one single, secure, centralized shared SecureSheet from start to end. We will break down an effective and simple procedure for reviewing compensation using customized spreadsheet features like collecting ratings and awarding merit increases, with the reporting of the process.

If you are using spreadsheets for any part of your compensation/merit/bonus cycle, SecureSheet can help make your processes more efficient and secure. For 20 years, organizations of all sizes use SecureSheet to gain control over their manual spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Management Software Event

This SecureSheet virtual event will begin with a demonstration of some of the most popular spreadsheet features. Here are some things you can expect to learn:

  • How to transform your existing spreadsheet into a multiuser SecureSheet
  • How to avoid common mistakes during your compensation review process
  • How to improve and simplify your compensation review process

We allot time at the end of our secure spreadsheet webinar to answer some of our participant’s questions. Please register today to learn how you can optimize your compensation review process with SecureSheet.
If you do not want to wait until the live spreadsheet management software event, then you can schedule a demonstration with our team using this link:

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SecureSheet Events

SecureSheet is bringing awareness that there is a better way to meet your business requirements. Optimize your time by creating secure spreadsheets with user-level controls. It is time to upgrade your Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Register for our WorldatWork live demo today.

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SecureSheet Features and Benefits

Bring your compensation analysis spreadsheet completely online with our secure cloud-based spreadsheet. SecureSheet enables multiple users to update data in real-time, so everyone can efficiently work on the most current version of your spreadsheet.

Since your SecureSheet is created from your existing spreadsheet, there is no user training or formatting required. The SecureSheet is already tailored to your merit, bonus, or compensation review process and functions similarly to other spreadsheet technologies, removing any learning curves.

Register for the WorldatWork Conference virtual webinar & question and answer session on March 6, 2023, at 12 noon ET. Learn how SecureSheet will improve the efficiency and security of your real-time compensation review process with personalized statements and management reporting while maintaining company-wide budgets and controls.

Previous SecureSheet Events

2022 WorldatWork Conference

For a limited time, the most recent SecureSheet event (WorldatWork TechWeek Demo Fall 2022) will be available. This previous SecureSheet webinar is available on-demand until April 1, 2023. We received a lot of questions about how easy SecureSheet is to set up (with little involvement from IT), how it is customizable to your specific organization and how SecureSheet can help you with LTI, bonus, performance ratings, and reporting, and more.

Continue to check the SecureSheet news and social media for company and industry updates. If you are interested in learning more about our SecureSheet events, please email support with your questions.