Why Use SecureSheet: Our Unique Patented Data Security Model

Patented Data Security Spreadsheet

SecureSheet offers the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the security and scalability typically found in HRIS applications. With SecureSheet, your spreadsheet is quickly turned into a single, shared and secure business application. Users can safely access our cloud-based software in real time from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have access to a web browser.

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Our Patented Data Security Model is Unique

SecureSheet’s shared cloud-based compensation application has a patented and dynamic security model that provides the ability to control update and view-only access down to rows, columns and individual cells. SecureSheet’s online spreadsheet creates “custom user views” for each combination of roles, process steps and rules. These custom views organize the sections (row, columns, cells) into a logical arrangement that is needed to support the desired comp task.

In addition to meeting the needs of an organization’s entire global compensation department, these views also can be created for broader HR managers, HR partners and company wide-management as well. Click here to learn more about why SecureSheet is the best compensation management software for your organization.

The Problem with Traditional Manual and Shared Spreadsheets

The traditional manual spreadsheet process for compensation creates numerous serious security, management and control issues for the compensation department and your organization. Often with this method, to address security and access, the compensation manager often splits up spreadsheets, manually emails them to others, and has to reconsolidate data, which takes too much time and is prone to serious data errors and security issues.

Converting a traditional spreadsheet into a “multi-user spreadsheet” involves much more than just adding a “sharing” capability to identify which users can access the sheet. A typical shared spreadsheet keeps the data in one place, but does not solve data integrity and control issues. This “sharing” approach is too simplistic and does not deal with the critical issue of users needing to fill different portions of the spreadsheet, or their ability to view or edit other areas of the sheet at the same time.

SecureSheet’s Answer: A Single, Shared, Secure Application with Custom User Views

How can a single compensation spreadsheet be re-engineered to deal with the need to partition and secure sections of the sheet and to present those sections to each user on a “need to know” basis in real-time?

The answer is SecureSheet’s patented “custom user views” for each combination of roles, process steps and rules. These custom views organize the sections (row, columns, cells) into a logical arrangement that is needed to support the desired comp task. These views are then presented to the desired user(s) at the appropriate time to allow for the entry (or view only access) of their specific data. However, the update of values in those cells in these custom user views actually update the patented database. In other words, custom views are not copies of the cells in the sheet but, rather, the views provide an access path to those cells instead.

To the end user, it looks and behaves like a stand-alone sheet, but in reality the changes actually occur real-time in the patented database. Therefore, making updates to those cells immediately available to all other users who have access to those same cells (even from different views). If you are looking for a secure spreadsheet online, SecureSheet is the solution that fulfills your business requirements.

Simplified Example of Custom User Views

In a very simple example, here’s how the user views would work. At the beginning of the review cycle, managers log in to enter pay increase and performance data only for their employees. Once submitted, the manager of managers reviews and approves the recommendations. At any time, global management can log in to see summary level data. Once the pay cycle is complete, managers log back in to print individual compensation statements for their employees.

If you want to see how these SecureSheet views look, we encourage you to request a demonstration today. We are also able to answer your questions: help@securesheet.com.

Key Features of SecureSheet’s Patented Data Model

All user views work off the same centralized database and data is updated in real time. Views must apply not only to rows, but columns and individual cells as well. All user views are integrated into the data and application security model.

Users only see and change what they are allowed to see and change, based on their need. User-defined filtering and sorting of the data arranges the data in meaningful order to the end-user.

Most organizations have complex organizational structures and security requirements. Custom views are infinite and are completely customizable to an organization. If you can define your organization structure and reporting requirements throughout the entire compensation review cycle, SecureSheet’s security model can support it.

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SecureSheet: The Most Secure Spreadsheet

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