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SecureSheet is easily tailored to be your merit, bonus, and incentive compensation management software for all your compensation plans. We start with your spreadsheet and then add extra security, privacy and reporting features to improve your entire compensation planning process from beginning to end. Our cloud based secure spreadsheet software is accessible from anywhere users have access to a web browser.

Creating a Secure Online Spreadsheet

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Upload an existing Excel spreadsheet you want to turn into a secure business application.

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Add Business Views to control precisely which information users can see, add, delete, or edit within your SecureSheet.

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Simply assign emails to your Business Views and share!

What Can SecureSheet Do?

SecureSheet can handle your entire compensation planning process from beginning to end using one centralized shared spreadsheet. Your merit, bonus, and incentive review process can go from weeks to days! Our secure multi-user spreadsheet utilizes all the features of your current custom spreadsheet with added security, control and reporting features. Our secure compensation planning software can help you take control of your data and reduce errors. We created a global HRIS management solution that is real-time, scalable, and easily accounts for any data changes (like terminations, new hires, etc.) throughout your compensation planning process. Our cloud based spreadsheet software will improve the efficiency of data input and collection, personalized statement production, and back-end and management reporting.

SecureSheet’s Top Features


Intuitive, cloud-based, easily customized and scalable solution. Supports single sign-on (SSO).


All existing salary planning spreadsheet features, formulas, formatting preserved.


Patented data and security model, user-based security at any level (sheet, row, cell, column, custom views).


Multinational capabilities (number/date, currency, language).

Securesheet’s top features can be summed up as a secure online spreadsheet with multinational capabilities to be your global HRIS solution.


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Imagine features like user-defined data security and the ability to accommodate thousands of users. If you are accustomed to your salary planning spreadsheet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cloud based spreadsheet software for your business.

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