SecureSheet packs a lot of great features into a secure, patented web application.

Online Spreadsheet

SecureSheet was designed from the ground up to be a web-based online spreadsheet for business. The only requirement is a web browser with an internet connection.

  • No software set up is required to use the service (completely hosted service)
  • Usability is intuitive; does not require technical skills
  • Instant business applications created in minutes
  • It looks and acts like a spreadsheet, making adoption easy, but it is multi-user and supports thousands of users on one SecureSheet at the same time
  • User-defined data security: users can only see and change data for which they are authorized*
  • All data shared on a real-time basis, updated through the web browser, just as though the users were entering spreadsheet data on their own computers
  • Leverages existing technology (spreadsheets, Internet, and email addresses)

Spreadsheet Features in SecureSheet

Most online spreadsheets support a basic subset of capabilities. SecureSheet incorporates all the capabilities you would expect in an online spreadsheet for business. These capabilities are vital to create mission critical business. If you are already familiar with Excel, same of these will feel very similar to you.

  • Includes basic properties: Values, Formulas, Named Ranges, Formats, and Charts
  • Includes advanced properties: Cell Protections, Data Validations, Drop Down Lists, Conditional Formats, Freezing rows and columns, and Comments
  • Import and Export all properties or selected properties from and to Excel spreadsheets
  • Self-replicating sheet properties
  • Auto-filters
  • Data sorting
  • Drop-down lists in cells (for data validation)
  • Advanced data validation
  • Conditional formats
  • Unlimited sheets, and linked sheets
  • SSAE 16 certified

Spreadsheet Security

We chose SecureSheet as the name of our product for a reason. Security is the number one requirement for our business users. To that end, we have applied all of the best practices of enterprise business systems to ordinary spreadsheets.

  • Individual user sheet-level security by user’s email address
  • Data security at the workbook, sheet, row, column and cell level by user’s email address
  • Patented dynamic data driven security model*
  • Complete audit trail of ALL user activities
  • SSAE 16 Data Centers
  • SSL Encryption
  • All data stored in SQL Server Relational Databases
  • SOC 2 certified

International Spreadsheet Features

  • Number/date formats managed automatically based on web browser settings
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language

Multi-User Spreadsheet Access

Ordinary spreadsheets were designed to be single user systems. Putting spreadsheets on the web and allowing multiple users to update them does not solve the problem that spreadsheets were designed as single user systems. SecureSheet is a true, multi-user solution. In addition, SecureSheet adds all the controls and capabilities that businesses expect in mission critical applications.

  • Complete data security (all data is stored in a patent relational database)
  • Complete application security (control macro and micro access to all areas of a SecureSheet)
  • Built-in auditing (identify every action a user has taken)
  • Versioning and compliance
  • Supports thousands of users
  • Fills business system gaps fast and inexpensively
  • Designed for worldwide use
  • Dedicated support

Custom Spreadsheet Views

Most business applications share responsibility for different areas based on role in the process. SecureSheet has added a unique view capability to enable unlimited user-defined business roles and rules for interacting with the SecureSheet.

  • Custom views of data*
  • All views work off the same data in the sheet
  • Views apply to sheets, rows, columns and cells and easily
  • Users only see and change what they are allowed to see and change, based on their needs
  • User defined filtering and sorting of data
  • User defined reporting of data
  • Database capabilities with add/delete logic
  • All views are incorporated into the data and application security model

Spreadsheet Scalability

The ability to support both large sheets and large amounts of users is mandatory for an online spreadsheet for business. Securesheet supports business of all sizes. Our clients include small organizations, multi-national corporations, and entire federal government agencies.

  • Grows with your business and your number of users
  • Supports large spreadsheet file sizes (greater than 5MB)
  • Supports tens to hundreds to thousands of users on a single sheet
  • Supports unlimited number of SecureSheets
  • Web browser; no plug ins
  • Enterprise Framework for rapid server side processing

Database and Technology of SecureSheet

  • User-defined forms
  • Add/delete/update data with validation
  • User-defined data searching
  • All data stored in a relational database
  • Net Change Manager (all information is moved back and forth between browser and servers on a net-change basis) for fast performance
  • Built on an ASP.NET 64 Bit Stack
  • Patented data and security model*

*Patent 8,892,644

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