Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecureSheet?

SecureSheet is an online spreadsheet for secure data management – a web-based application that enables you to turn your existing Excel spreadsheets into highly efficient multi-user business tools for managing data.

Why use SecureSheet?

When you compare SecureSheet to other online spreadsheets it quickly becomes apparent that SecureSheet is in a league of its own. Excellent features like user-defined data security and the ability to accommodate thousands of users are just two reasons why our clients use SecureSheet, and the fact that the software is so versatile means it’s practical for many different industries. But we believe that the main reason our clients use SecureSheet is to avoid the catastrophic scenario that inevitably unfolds when sensitive corporate information is shared insecurely.

Is SecureSheet an online spreadsheet application like Google Docs?

Similar, but a lot better and with many more features designed specifically for businesses.

How do I get started?

The best way to show you how we can help you is to request a demo.

How much does SecureSheet cost?

You can have full access from as little as $30 per user, per month. This makes SecureSheet affordable for small businesses and very suitable for large enterprises who cannot afford a mistake or security breach in sensitive company data. See the pricing details here »

What is difference between SecureSheet and other spreadsheet applications and online spreadsheets?

SecureSheet incorporates what you would expect in an online spreadsheet, but also was specifically built to support business requirements, with the key ingredient being security and complete control over how people access their data. In addition, SecureSheet helps streamline and simplify the process, from planning all the way to back end reporting.

What is the benefit of SecureSheet over Excel in shared mode, where multiple people can edit the sheet?

Multiple users can simultaneously update SecureSheet on the web in any supported browser.

Do I need to install or download any software?

Absolutely not. SecureSheet is a cloud solution. Your data is stored securely in a patented relational database model on Amazon Web Services.