Frequently Asked Questions

SecureSheet is an online spreadsheet for secure data management – a web-based application that enables you to turn your existing Excel spreadsheets into a highly efficient multi-user business tool for managing data.

If you have any questions not covered in our FAQ, you can email our experienced and knowledgeable support staff.

If you are a potential customer with questions, we encourage you to schedule a personalized 20-minute HR compensation management demo to learn how our software can be tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

Why Use SecureSheet?

The main reason our clients use SecureSheet is to avoid the catastrophic scenario that inevitably unfolds when sensitive corporate information is shared insecurely. Our user-defined data security and ability to accommodate thousands of users are just two reasons why our clients use SecureSheet.

SecureSheet is an HRIS management software that was specifically built to be your HR compensation management solution. Our versatile business spreadsheet software makes it practical across all industries. Continue reading for a full list of SecureSheet features.

Is Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets better than SecureSheet?

The difference between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel versus SecureSheet is the enhanced security and complete control over how people access their data. In addition, SecureSheet helps streamline and simplify the process, from planning all the way to back-end reporting. SecureSheet is a better fit as your incentive and compensation software because it has many more spreadsheet features, designed specifically for businesses. The best way to see for yourself is to request a demo.

I know how to use Google Sheets / how to use Excel – Is SecureSheet easy to use?

SecureSheet is very easy to use – we start with your Excel spreadsheet template. SecureSheet incorporates what you would expect in an online spreadsheet, but also goes beyond that to support your business spreadsheet requirements. If you are familiar with using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel then the transition to SecureSheet should not be difficult. We have a dedicated support team that will assist you with the personal onboarding process to set up your compensation spreadsheet and answer your spreadsheet questions.

How to convert my Excel spreadsheet to SecureSheet?

SecureSheet makes it extremely easy to upload your current compensation Excel spreadsheet. Your current spreadsheet features, formulas, and formats are preserved. After uploading your spreadsheet, the SecureSheet system will automatically convert it so you can begin customizing your HRIS spreadsheet and then share the cloud-based spreadsheet with your employees.

How much does SecureSheet cost?

You can have full access from as little as $40 per user, per month. This makes SecureSheet affordable for small businesses and very suitable for large enterprises who cannot afford a mistake or security breach in sensitive company data. See the pricing details here »

Do I need to install or download any software to use SecureSheet?

Absolutely not. SecureSheet is a cloud solution. Your data is stored securely in our patented relational database model on Amazon Web Services.

How do I get started with SecureSheet?

The best way to show you how we can help you is to request a demo. If you have already signed up for SecureSheet and need assistance with getting started then please contact our support staff.