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If you are searching for HRIS cloud solutions, then SecureSheet is the online spreadsheet for you. Our SecureSheet manages all of your employees’ merit compensation, bonuses, incentives, performance, job mapping, statements, and much more.
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Easily Convert Your Existing Compensation Spreadsheet

Using SecureSheet is easy and will convert your existing compensation spreadsheet data in 3 easy steps:

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Upload: Your Excel compensation template or existing bonus spreadsheet features, formulas, and formats are preserved.

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Customize: As an HRIS management software, control exactly what your users can see or edit.

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Share: A cloud-based spreadsheet software that can be shared via email.

Preview SecureSheet in Action

Easily share one compensation tool spreadsheet with your entire team. Control which users get to see which data. It’s all done securely online – so everyone is working with the latest version in real-time. Finally, put an end to your organization’s spreadsheet nightmares!

One-Minute Highlight

This example video demonstrates a typical year-end compensation process. A spreadsheet project that used to take months to complete can now be done in hours with SecureSheet!

Secure Compensation Management Tool

HR departments and management use SecureSheet compensation software for various processes and reporting. Providing the best HRIS cloud solutions, the compensation tool is easy to use and the process is simple.

Upload your compensation, incentive, or bonus spreadsheet without losing valuable formulas. Then assign proper views and access. Finally, share spreadsheets with an email.

SecureSheet looks and acts like a spreadsheet, making adoption easy and intuitive, but has added security and privacy controls to meet your organization’s business needs. It is a web based spreadsheet with multi-user capabilities, allowing thousands of users on one SecureSheet at the same time.

All data is updated in real-time, with data validation, proper security and audit controls, and tracking at the cell level. Reporting on the backend to employees, management, your payroll and or HRIS systems is a breeze. Control the process, instead of the process controlling you.

Merit compensation software

Merit Compensation Tool

  • Automate, streamline your compensation planning and administration process
  • Reward the right people accurately
  • Align rewards with individual and organizational performance
  • Maximize return on your talent

Bonus and Incentives Tools

  • Automate and streamline management of all your variable pay plans in one place
  • Custom to your plans, organizational structure
  • Directly tied to individual and business performance
  • Secure, real-time data input tied to budget
  • Seamless approval process; real-time feedback to management
  • Seamless export to payroll or other system
bonus spreadsheet incentive compensation management software
Performance review planning tools

Performance Management Tools

  • Streamline the entire process from planning, assessment, career development, to recognition and rewards
  • Manage employees effectively
  • Align individual performance to company goals
  • Maximize return on your talent

Job Mapping & Validation Tools

Converting to new systems requires custom mapping of employees from old codes and descriptions to new ones. SecureSheet automates and simplifies the process, and ensures that all employees map appropriately.

Job code mapping and validation software
Pay adjustment and total compensation statements

Generate Employee Statements

  • Completely custom statements
  • Simple pay adjustment letters to total reward statements
  • Delivery is a breeze: from self-service by employee, manager, HR, or batch generation
Your Results

Speed. Usability. Control.

Your entire process is managed from beginning to end using one single, centralized, shared SecureSheet.

All budgets, business controls, audit trails, and security are enforced in the SecureSheet.

Data collection takes minutes. The entire process takes days instead of weeks.

Access is through a secured website, available anywhere users have access to a web browser.

All updates are real-time; everyone works with the latest version. Feedback is immediately available to management.

SecureSheet’s phenomenal usability and depth of functionality means our success rate is high. Our web tool seldom fails to meet enterprise needs.

Top Features of SecureSheet


Intuitive, cloud-based, easily customized and scalable solution. Supports single sign-on (SSO).


All existing spreadsheet features, formulas, formatting preserved.


Patented data and security model, user-based security at any level (sheet, row, cell, column, custom views).


Multinational capabilities (number/date, currency, language).

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