Exceptional Support

With SecureSheet, you’ll find unparalleled support and a tool built with years of business and technical software experience. During your project, we are with you every step of the way.
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Unparalleled Expertise

SecureSheet is more than an easy to use, turn-key solution. SecureSheet was built with years of business process and implementation experience, with the goal of simplifying your work and improving your results. We have helped hundreds of clients improve their processes, and you will benefit from our experience. You hire us, and we will make it happen.

Get Up & Running Quickly

During your project, we are with you every step of the way. We’ve done this so many times, we know what it takes to make your project successful. We take your chaos and turn it into a managed business process. Here is what’s included in a typical project:

  • Evaluate existing spreadsheet and current business process requirements
  • Identify data management requirements and who needs access
  • Create business views for all level/types of users
  • Define reporting requirements, including management reporting during and at end of cycle
  • Set up sandbox database for unit and system testing by client
  • Support data change management during process (employee, location, manager data, rules, etc.)
  • Training of project leads
  • Client support during cycle and through back end reporting needs

At Your Service

In addition to our standard support, we can provide custom support as needed, based on the requirements of your project. We can also provide as much or as little support that you need ongoing. We provide can provide any professional services you need, including design, implementation, testing, etc. on a time and material basis. Contact us at help@securesheet.com for more details.

Email Support

Standard email support is Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM EST. We will respond to any email within one business day (or less).  Email requests can be sent to help@securesheet.com.