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Why switch to SecureSheet for HR Data Management?

SecureSheet is more than putting your spreadsheets on the web. SecureSheet takes your existing Excel spreadsheets and processes, and transforms them into a single, secure, stream-lined HR business tool that operates in real-time.

  • Multiple spreadsheets were manually created and emailed to end users
  • Some unauthorized associates had access to sensitive data
  • There were no effective controls to enforce data integrity
  • There was no mechanism to monitor the status or progress of the data collection
  • Each spreadsheet was manually reviewed and sent back for revisions
  • Spreadsheets were manually aggregated to calculate totals
  • The process spanned several weeks or months for a single event
  • Not SOX compliant
  • One single, shared spreadsheet is created from HR data and no more emailing
  • Associates view and edit only parts of the sheet that are appropriate for them
  • All budgets, business controls, and security are enforced in the SecureSheet
  • All activity is in real-time
  • All updates and reviews are real-time in one centralized and controlled place
  • Totals are automatically aggregated
  • Data collection takes minutes, the process is reduced to days
  • SOX compliant

Business Requirements

While every SecureSheet is a custom business system tailored to your exact needs, there are also some common features most organizations require in order to manage their process, whether that process is an annual HR performance and merit review, a system job mapping and validation process, sales cycle or budgeting process, etc. No matter the business function, SecureSheet simplifies your entire process from planning, to administration, to back-end reporting.

Securesheet was designed with all your business requirements in mind.

  • Tightly controlled process with secure access to all data
  • User-defined user/relationship hierarchy (roll-up for both direct and indirect)
    including executives, managers and employees
  • Control of user-access including testing the environment pre-release to end-
  • Administrative impersonation for process support (ability to see exactly what
    an end-user sees)
  • Proxy support
  • Workflow and routing
  • User-defined control of milestones and deadlines for processing
  • User-defined performance metrics
  • User-defined reporting by summary and detail
  • Ability to easily assign/re-assign/remove/add participants any time during the
  • User-defined life cycle (one-time annual, recurring, etc.)
  • Web access with no desktop software required
  • Support for thousands of users at the same time
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Complete audit of all activities for all users down to the cell level