Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors Use SecureSheet for Budget Management Consolidation

Downingtown, PA, March 17, 2006 – SecureSheet™ Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of multi-user online spreadsheet solutions, today announced that Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (WREA) has successfully deployed the SecureSheet solution for integrating multiple budgets across 20+ properties.

“SecureSheet provides us with a tremendous advantage for consolidating our many properties budgets throughout the company,” said Ms. Mechelle Flowers, Executive Vice President of Information Technology for WREA. “Like many companies in our industry, we are constantly collecting and consolidating data from our many managers and their respective properties. Each property has a separate P&L which needs to be captured and consolidated back to corporate. We determined that the SecureSheet solution would best enable us to collaboratively create, collect and consolidate our budgets across the organization.”

“We are excited in our partnership with WREA,” added Mark Byrd, Co- Founder of SecureSheet. “By automating the consolidation of budget data across their multiple properties, WREA now has a more accurate and timely way to monitor performance. In addition, SecureSheet provides tremendous time savings advantages to WREA and others by eliminating manual steps such as constant emailing and cutting & pasting of data for consolidating purposes.”

About Wilkinson Real Estate Advisor’s, Inc.

In January, 2001 Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (WREA) was formed to provide all management and consulting services for Wilkinson Group, Inc. (WGI). Personnel formerly employed by WGI are now the WREA team. Founded in 1984, WGI (known then as Wilkinson Properties, Inc., which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of WGI), originally focused on developing new multi-family communities. With over 20 years of experience in multi-family ownership and management, WGI has shown a strong and successful track record in its field. Wilkinson Construction, Inc. (WCI) was formed in 1985 to provide construction and property rehabilitation services for proprietary and joint-venture multifamily investment properties. Since its formation, WCI has been instrumentally involved in the new construction of approximately 1,000 apartment homes and the major renovation of more than 3,600. www.wilkinsonrea.com

About SecureSheet

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC is a privately held company which began in 2003 with a vision for creating a simple way for businesses to communicate more effectively. Leveraging existing technologies, and focusing on easy adoption for users, SecureSheet has transformed the ordinary spreadsheet into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications. To learn more, please visit us at www.securesheet.com.

SecureSheet Author
About the Author—Joe Holland

Joe Holland is a co-founder and original developer of SecureSheet and has over 35 years of software development, implementation and business process expertise. Prior to starting SecureSheet, Joe was also a co-founder of Atlas Commerce, LLC, a leading provider of global sourcing technology for many Fortune 500 companies. Joe was also a manager and sales consultant for Systems & Computer Technology (SCT), as well as a software sales support manager for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).