SecureSheet Awarded Patent for Multi-User Dynamic Security Model in Spreadsheets

Raleigh, NC, December 5, 2014 – SecureSheet Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of multi-user online spreadsheet and web database solutions for businesses, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent (8,892,644) for SecureSheet’s unique and powerful technology which enables dynamic control and access to data down to the sheet/row/column/cell level inside a multi-user spreadsheet based upon a user’s security profile.

“We are excited that the U.S. Patent Office has validated our unique multi-user spreadsheet security model” said Joe Holland, of SecureSheet. “Our patented software offers the only available technology that allows you to have a single powerful web-based spreadsheet that you can securely share with other users. Each user has their own little section of the sheet, and you decide which sections each person can see or edit down to the cell level. It’s all done securely in the cloud-so everyone’s working on the latest version, at the same time, and in real time.”

“To illustrate the power of SecureSheet, consider the following sample business process. It is time for the HR department to collect year end Merit/Pay information for employees. In the past, HR would send out hundreds of spreadsheets to hundreds of managers to rate their direct reports and give them a percentage increase for pay raises. Then the managers would send back the completed unsecured spreadsheets with random changes, rows added, columns deleted, etc. The HR department would then have to manually aggregate the responses back into a single, consolidated spreadsheet. Subsequently, if something changed in the meantime (budget changed, people were promoted, hired, termed, etc.), then the process would start all over again.”

“With our patented SecureSheet technology, the HR department can now create one shared cloud spreadsheet with all the data for all the employees. HR can then assign managers to their specific data (based on any user defined security model), so when each manager logs in to the SecureSheet, they only see their direct reports data (and optionally their entire departmental roll-up) and are only able to make changes to pre-defined cells based on the business rules set up. All changes are real time, in one place, fully auditable, and available to users based on their security profiles. What used to take weeks or even months to complete, now can be done in days/hours.”

“With our patented SecureSheet technology, users now have the power to take any of their existing spreadsheets with all the data, formula, formats, validations, etc. and turn them into world-class, cloud based, multi-user business applications with all the multi-user controls and security they would expect in any mission critical enterprise system.”

About SecureSheet

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC is a privately held company which began in 2003 with a vision for creating a simple way for businesses to communicate more effectively. Leveraging existing technologies, and focusing on easy adoption for users, SecureSheet has transformed the ordinary spreadsheet into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications. To learn more, please visit us at

SecureSheet Author
About the Author—Joe Holland

Joe Holland is a co-founder and original developer of SecureSheet and has over 35 years of software development, implementation and business process expertise. Prior to starting SecureSheet, Joe was also a co-founder of Atlas Commerce, LLC, a leading provider of global sourcing technology for many Fortune 500 companies. Joe was also a manager and sales consultant for Systems & Computer Technology (SCT), as well as a software sales support manager for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).