Rockwater Energy Solutions Consolidates Regional KPIs with SecureSheet

Raleigh, NC, February 18, 2013 – SecureSheet Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of multi-user online spreadsheet and web database solutions for businesses, today announced that Rockwater Energy Solutions has successfully launched SecureSheet to securely collect and consolidate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across multiple regions and user groups.

“We have a weekly process in which we gather multiple key performance indicators across all of our operating regions,” says Alex Bergman, Director – Operations Support for Rockwater. “SecureSheet enabled us to take our existing spreadsheet model and turn it into a secure KPI collection tool that helps us effectively manage and control the KPI process.“

“We are excited to have Rockwater as a customer,” adds Joe Holland, Co- Founder of SecureSheet. “Rockwater is a great example of a company that had a manual spreadsheet process in place but had no easy and secure way to deploy it over the web. With SecureSheet, we were able to quickly set up a simple yet secure custom system where each user only sees their part of the process. Rockwater now has timely and accurate information to make decisions because everyone is updating one common solution.”

About Rockwater Energy Solutions

Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive fluids management services and environmental solutions, including fluids transfer by pipe; production, stimulation, and specialty chemicals, including friction reducers, corrosion and scale inhibitors, and biocides; environmentally-friendly hydraulic fracturing fluid additives, such as food based guar and guar derivative products, and proprietary crosslinker technologies; pipeline additives; fluids management, logistics and transportation of fluids, proppants, and oilfield service products through its large fleet of trucks; transloading from rail and storage of sand and other proppant used in hydraulic fracturing; storage of crude oil and other fluids in its tank farms; and well testing and flowback services. Rockwater is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has over 2,800 employees. To learn more, please visit Rockwater Energy Solutions at

About SecureSheet

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC is a privately held company which began in 2003 with a vision for creating a simple way for businesses to communicate more effectively. Leveraging existing technologies, and focusing on easy adoption for users, SecureSheet has transformed the ordinary spreadsheet into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications. To learn more, please visit us at

SecureSheet Author
About the Author—Joe Holland

Joe Holland is a co-founder and original developer of SecureSheet and has over 35 years of software development, implementation and business process expertise. Prior to starting SecureSheet, Joe was also a co-founder of Atlas Commerce, LLC, a leading provider of global sourcing technology for many Fortune 500 companies. Joe was also a manager and sales consultant for Systems & Computer Technology (SCT), as well as a software sales support manager for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).