BenefitNext Empowers Enterprises to Navigate Health Care Reform with SecureSheet

Raleigh, NC, March 10, 2014 – SecureSheet Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of multi-user online spreadsheet and web database solutions for businesses, today announced that BenefitNext has implemented the SecureSheet solution to help its clients better evaluate and manage Employee Eligibility and Enrollment data and monitor Company Compliance driven by the new Health Care Reform rules.

“Regardless of employer size, the Affordable Care Act has dramatically changed the health care landscape that employers and their employees have become familiar with over many years” says Dan Farrar, Co-Founder of BenefitNext. “We developed sophisticated tools to help both employers and their employees understand and manage these changes but lacked a web based, technology platform to avail these tools to our clients. SecureSheet provides us with a scalable, secure, accessible, and reliable technology platform and offers world-class customer service to assist in the implementation.”

“We are pleased that BenefitNext chose SecureSheet to help their clients better understand their compliance position with the Affordable Care Act.” adds Mark Byrd, of SecureSheet. “Benefitnext has developed a world-class analytic model which allows a company to easily collect employee data and then turn around and quickly generate reporting to assess compliance. With SecureSheet, BenefitNext has been able to quickly deploy this model securely to multiple enterprises for quick and accurate data collection and analysis.”

About BenefitNext

Benefitnext is a technology and PPACA consulting company providing a web-based solution to assist businesses in navigating health care reform. Our proprietary technology deploys the collective wisdom of a team of proven professionals in PPACA law, accounting, human resources and employee benefits. The unique “comply and calculate” suite of tools helps businesses chart a path to navigate the new law and create a financial plan to succeed in the new world of benefits. To learn more, please visit BenefitNext at

About SecureSheet

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC is a privately held company which began in 2003 with a vision for creating a simple way for businesses to communicate more effectively. Leveraging existing technologies, and focusing on easy adoption for users, SecureSheet has transformed the ordinary spreadsheet into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications. To learn more, please visit us at