Over 5000 companies served by SecureSheet’s Online Spreadsheet For Business

Downingtown, PA, June 3, 2009 – SecureSheet™ Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of multi-user online spreadsheet and web database solutions, today celebrates helping over 5000 businesses around the world transform their ordinary spreadsheets, into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications.

Since 2003, SecureSheet Technologies has grown the business to thousands of global companies, tens of thousands of users, thousands of SecureSheet Online Spreadsheets and millions of rows of data. Sample uses include financial budgeting and reporting, SOX compliance, H/R data collection, sales pipeline management, outsourced logistics/freight visibility, customer incident tracking, job/project management, and others.

“Our customer growth during the last 6 years validates our belief that every business in the world can utilize our solution to quickly and cost-effectively manage many of their business processes”, says Mark Byrd, Co- Founder of SecureSheet Technologies. “While most of our competitors have focused on delivering “Excel equivalent” solutions over the web, SecureSheet has delivered a superior product to a more demanding marketplace (Online Spreadsheet Business Applications). This marketplace requires enterprise level security, controls and scalability that are not found in traditional online spreadsheets.”

About SecureSheet

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC is a privately held company which began in 2003 with a vision for creating a simple way for businesses to communicate more effectively. Leveraging existing technologies, and focusing on easy adoption for users, SecureSheet has transformed the ordinary spreadsheet into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications. To learn more, please visit us at www.securesheet.com.

SecureSheet Author
About the Author—Joe Holland

Joe Holland is a co-founder and original developer of SecureSheet and has over 35 years of software development, implementation and business process expertise. Prior to starting SecureSheet, Joe was also a co-founder of Atlas Commerce, LLC, a leading provider of global sourcing technology for many Fortune 500 companies. Joe was also a manager and sales consultant for Systems & Computer Technology (SCT), as well as a software sales support manager for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).