Why do Businesses choose SecureSheet as their Spreadsheet Management Tool?

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing makes SecureSheet attractive to large and small businesses. Starting at just $15 per month, per user, our yearly subscriptions are the most budget-friendly available.


SecureSheet's phenomenal usability -or depth of functionality-means its success rate is high. Our Web spreadsheet seldom fails to meet enterprise needs.


SecureSheet is fast. Even massive implementations can be handled in just days.


Our team offers person-to-person support , and while our spreadsheet is easy to use, we're happy to tutor you on how to take full advantage of all the dynamic features our shared spreadsheets offer. Even our free trial comes with support. Download it, try it out immediately, and call us for a demo if need be-the amazing capability of SecureSheet may not be evident to you at first glance: 941-349-9127

Fill Business System Gaps

SecureSheet fills business system gaps fast and inexpensively. You'll accomplish tasks you are not able to with enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle, etc.


SecureSheet adds an essential layer of security to your organization's file sharing. You'll breathe a sigh of relief when your team stops sharing sensitive business spreadsheets via email, memory sticks, or disks. Plus-with a web spreadsheet-everyone can be assured they're working on the latest version.

Manage Multiple Users

SecureSheet provides the controls to manage multi-user business spreadsheets in extraordinary detail. With a SecureSheet web spreadsheet, your users only see and change what they are allowed to see and change, based on their needs.

SecureSheet incorporates a unique business view capability that enables you to easily identify which parts of a sheet users may access. This is critical for businesses where different users are responsible for different areas of the business.

Process Management Capabilities

SecureSheet adds business process management capabilities which set the rules of engagement for each sheet, and monitor the activity across all sheets.


SecureSheets offers extreme versatility. Accounting spreadsheets, inventory spreadsheets, lead tracking, supply chain control, database management…the list of things our customers use SecureSheet for is too long to mention. But we can confidentially claim that it is the best Web-based business spreadsheet you're going to find.


You control and audit the entire process.

Enterprise Spreadsheets

Whitepaper - What is an Enterprise Spreadsheet?

If you're accustomed to Excel - imagine features like user-defined data security and the ability to accommodate thousands of users, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better web-based spreadsheet for your business.

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