How Customers Use SecureSheet

Need a powerful centralized database program? Or a more versatile sales spreadsheet? Hundreds of companies have customized our spreadsheet to suit their exact needs.

Our customers use SecureSheet™ in very different ways: they manage centralized databases, share sales spreadsheets with dozens of users, track employee performance, and more. But they all have one thing in common. They turned their existing Excel spreadsheets into secure, multi-user, web based, business applications.

Featured Customer SecureSheet™ Applications
Functional Area Industry Project Details Key Requirements
Accounting Federal Govt
Budget Management And Collection Budgets are created and collected by region and rolled-up Secured views by region and department
Linked SecureSheets
Accounting Medical/Healthcare Patient Tracking And Billing Multiple doctors manage multiple patients across hospital networks Secured views by doctor and location
Pre-defined sorting by doctor
Add row capability
Cell level audit/history
Accounting Medical/Healthcare Patient Tracking And Billing Multiple doctors manage multiple patients across hospital networks Secured views by doctor and location
Pre-defined sorting by doctor
Add row capability
Cell level audit/history
Corporate Management Retail
Customer Complaint Tracking Log and resolve customer complaints Secured views by rep
Pre-defined sorting by priority
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Summary totals
Corporate Management Consulting Help Desk Issue Tracking Issues are added and tracked through conclusion Secured views by operator
Summary reporting
Corporate Management Payment Serviece Key Factor Reporting Tracking of key operational success factors Secured views by manager/location
Corporate Management Industry Groups Organization Surveys Surveys comparing last year results to this year results are captured on a net change basis Secured views by organization
Data validation
Conditional formatting
Corporate Management Consulting Professional Training Schedules Classes are scheduled and test results monitored by student Secured views by teacher
Summary totals
Corporate Management Hotel/Hospitality Retail Operations planning and monitoring Track budgets/actuals by hotel property. Secured budgets by hotel property
Corporate Management Hotel/Hospitality Retail Operations planning and monitoring Track budgets/actuals by hotel property. Secured budgets by hotel property
Corporate Management CPG
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Multiple projects putting controls around spreadsheet enabled processes Secured views
Audit by user
Audit by sheet and cell
Restriction of all functions based on role
Corporate Management Financial Services Trainer Scheduling Online calendar to schedule training session Secured views by trainer
Conditional formatting
Customer Service Human Resources
Call Log Tracking Multiple callers track initial visits and follow-up activities Secured views by caller
Database capabilities (add/delete rows)
Finance SMB Budget Tracking For Small Business Individual businesses share common budget model with different data and security Secured views by user
Secured export of only values (no formulas)
Finance Consulting Expense Reporting Decentralized expense reporting Secured views by employee
Summary totals
Finance Financial Services Financial Rollup Management Collection of financial information from multiple locations Secured views by manager
10 MB Sheet
Finance Medical/Healthcare Multi-Hospital Key Indicator Reporting Multiple facilities capture daily key indicators that are rolled up by month, quarter, year to manage cash flow Secured views by user/role
Conditional formatting
Finance Real Estate Property Management Track rental units and lease payments by tenants Secured views by property
Summary totals
Finance Stock Trading Trading Model Individual trading models with orders and history Formula security (no one can see formulas)
Human Resources All Ad-hoc data collection tool Multiple projects to gather data corporate wide Secured views
Database capabilities
Data validation
Human Resources Insurance Contractor Management Manage deployment of contract adjusters to catastrophy sites Secured views by office
Human Resources Property Management Employee database Maintain employee master data for personnel distributed throughout the U.S. and Europe Secured views by geographic
location --- US, UK, Germany and
Human Resources CPG
Employee Goal Tracking Keep track of goals and monitor Secured views by employee
Database capabilities (add rows)
User defined forms
Human Resources Insurance Employee Incident Management Enter and track employee incidents Database add/update capability
Human Resources Transportation Employee Passport/Visa status Employees are tracked by travel department to ensure up-to-date Passport/Visa paperwork Secured views by employees and travel agents
Human Resources Pharmaceutical H1N1 Tracking Employee Self-Registration process for tracking leaves of absence due to H1N1 flu virus Secured self-registration process
FORM database capabilities
Human Resources Technology Pay And Performance Merit Managers rate direct reports quarterly and annually Secured views with row security by manager
Summary calculations by manager
Data validation and conditional formatting
Import/Export to/from enterprise systems
Human Resources Insurance Performance and Succession Mgmt Track management performance and peer-to-peer evaluations Secured view by manager
Human Resources Recruiting Project Staffing Track prospective job candidates for specific projects Secured views by recruiter
Human Resources Staffing Staff Recruiting Management of potential employees Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Human Resources Staffing Staff Scheduling Creation of staffing plans Secured views by project
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Human Resources Marine Track shipping crew status Plan and deploy ship crews to multiple port destinations Secured by travel agent
Information Technology Transportation Disaster Recovery Management Multiple IT departments worldwide update shared disaster recovery over predefined hourly intervals Secured sheet views by department
Multisheet rollup
Time based conditional formatting
Inventory Management Oil & Gas Tank level tracking Take measurement on tank levels at various leased well sites Remote access to sheets
Legal Apparel Contract Management Add and track contracts by customer Secured views by customer
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
User defined forms
Logistics Seasonal Sales Christmas Tree Sales Management Trees are slotted for different locations daily Secured views by sales
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Dynamic filters
Logistics CPG Inbound Logistics Tracks purchases and inbound shipments from China Secured views by shippers,
customs and receiving locations
Logistics CPG Inbound Logistics Tracks purchases and inbound shipments from China Secured views for Multi-point
tracking from purchasing to
overseas shipper to customs
to receiving locations
Logistics Transportation Load Management Creation of loads for LTL shipments with updates by drivers, receiving and finance Secured views by driver
Add and delete row capability
Logistics Retail Load tracking Load and Track shipments daily Multi-sheet capability by day
Secured views by location
Logistics Manufacturing Multi-Party Freight Tracking Container shipments tracked from far east through North America with multiple parties updating status Secured views by row and column
Add row capability
Logistics CPG Outsourced shipping/container mgmt Freight consolidation for container shipments to overseas manufacturing Secured views by shipping and receiving locations
Logistics Medical/Healthcare Patient Dialysis Scheduling Scheduling of patients at dialysis centers Secured views by patient and location
Logistics Shipping Shipping/Receiving Management Outsourced management of shipments to DHL for major CPG manufacturer Secured view by warehouse
Manufacturing CPG/Food Forecasting Collaborative forecasting for major food manufacturer Secured view by product planner
Manufacturing Retail Screen Print Order Management Enter and track customer orders Pre-Defined views
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Marketing Real Estate Advertisement placement tracking Advertisement placement management by real estate office Secured views by real estate broker to manage ad placement
Marketing Advertising Advertising Campaign Management Capture and track metrics of online campaigns Secured views by campaign
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Marketing Pharmaceutical Brand Advertising Cost Mgmt Collaborative budget/cost management between brand managers and advertising agencies Secured views by brand manager
Secured by advertising agency
Summarized totals across sheets
Marketing Telemarketing Call Tracking Telesales reps log calls Secured views by rep
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Data validation
Marketing Marketing Services Lead Management Outsourced Lead management firm assigning and managing call lists to distributed personnel Secured call lists for different contract telemarketers
Payroll Financial Services Company Payroll Tracking Manage payroll information across multiple divisions Secured views by user
Data validation
Multiple linked SecureSheets
Import/Export csv files
Payroll Property Management Labor time/materials collection Collect time/materials from contractors sent out to various properties Secured views by employee
Payroll CPG Time Tracking Collect overtime information and import into enterprise system Secured views by manager
Integration with ERP system
Project Management Consulting Client Tracking Create and manage detailed client specific information and generate cross-client summary reports Secured views by client
Data validation and conditional formatting
Summarized cross-SecureSheet reports
Project Management Software Project Tracking Project management among users at multiple sites and time zones Secured views by task and user
Charts and graphs
Purchasing Retail Group Purchasing Order Management Multiple retail chains create combined orders by product to reduce spend and create leverage Secured views by buyer and store
Copy templates and archiving
Purchasing Construction Home Builder Rebate Tracking Regional offices report rebates against build schedule to generate supplier invoices Secured views by sheet
Linked SecureSheets
Import/Export to/from enterprise systems
Purchasing CPG Pricing RFQ Generate competitive price bids for multiple products with security by supplier Secured views by category and sku
Purchasing Commodities Real Time Bidding Bidding sheets for suppliers to update prices for commodities that are subject to volatile market changes Secured views by supplier
Receiving Online Retail Return Management Customer returns are entered and tracked Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Data validation
Reporting Construction Construction Opportunity Reporting Publish multi-dimensional opportunity reports secured by region Dynamic user filters
Summary totals based on filters
Sales Investing Call List Management Keep track of potential prospects Secured views by planner
Sales Automotive Car Sales Tracking Vehicle sales are entered and tracked with profitability metrics across multiple dealerships Secured views by manager and dealership
Summary totals
Sales Automotive Car Sales Tracking Vehicle sales are entered and tracked with profitability metrics across multiple dealerships Secured view by location/personnel
Sales Insurance Customer Renewal tracking Track policy renewals for customers Dynamic sorting/filtering capabilities
Sales Franchises
Retail Stores
Daily Flash Reporting Sales metrics are entered daily across multiple locations and summarized for daily profit/loss Secured views by location and rep
Conditional formatting
Charts and graphs
Sales Fitness Daily Membership Tracking Multiple locations track members and payments Secured views by location
Linked SecureSheets
Summary totals
Sales Marketing De-Centralized Direct Mailing Multiple offices generate individualized mailing labels from requests by manufacturing Secured views by locations
User defined forms
Sales Fund Raising Fund Raising Event Management Track event participants for various fund raising events Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Sales Equipment International Sales Pipeline Tracking Sales reps across Europe update sales opportunities with security by sales reps and sales managers Secured views by region
Sales Communications Lead Management Tracking Sharing leads and status across locations Secured views by location
Sales HVAC Lead Tracking Customer leads for service Secured views by rep
Sales Distribution Online Quotation System Sales representatives capture daily quotations for over 10000 products and 2500 customers Secured views by rep
Data validation
Monthly SecureSheets from pre-defined template
Add and delete rows
Sales Medical/Healthcare Patient Tracking And Billing Multiple doctors manage multiple patients across hospital networks Secured views by doctor and location
Pre-defined sorting by doctor
Add row capability
Cell level audit/history
Sales Transportation Pipeline Management Sales leads for transportation are entered and summarized by region Secured views by sales rep
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Summary totals
Sales Industrial Signs Quotation Management Pricing Estimating tool for salesreps Multi-user access to a standard
Form template with preset
and locked down formulas
Sales Chemical
Industrial Products
Sales Forecasting International sales forecasting with quantity and amount Secured views by reps and managers
Dynamic summary calculations
Data validation and conditional formatting
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Sales Education Sales Pipeline management Pipeline tracking of sales opportunities for educational products Secured view by rep/territory
Sales Computer Hardware Sales Pipeline management Sales tracking by rep Secured view by sales rep
Sales Mortgage Self-registration for Morgtage Requests Integrated link to their web-site to collect mortgage application requests Self-registration FORM data collection
Database tracking
Sales Retail Track customer sales orders Track customer orders received over Internet sales Database add/delete capabilities
Sales Retail Track customer sales orders Track customer orders for furniture received over Internet sales Database add/delete capabilities
Shipping Freight Forwarding Container Tracking Container tracking for customers Security by customer
Supply Chain CPG Collaborative Planning Keep track of supplier managed inventory Secured views by supplier and location
Supply Chain Travel Crew Scheduling Scheduling shifts on vessels Secured views by crew member and vessel
Data validation and conditional formatting
Supply Chain Energy Load Tracking Of Shipments And Containers Loads are updated by multiple parties including purchasing, accounts payable, carriers and receiving Secured views by department and supplier
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
Supply Chain CPG
Order Management And Distribution Orders are entered and converted to loads for consolidated shipments to regional distribution centers of large retailers Secured views by location, dc and load
Database capabilities (add and delete rows)
User defined forms
Supply Chain Wireless Project Tracking Carrier projects and status are updated by mulitiple 3rd parties Secured views by role

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